Captcha Issues

If you see no image below the "Type the characters from the image below" instructions this is most likely related to a security setting on your browser.  

  1. In Chome look for the "Shield" icon in the upper right corner (as shown in the picture).  Click on that, then click on "Load Unsafe Scripts". This should then reload the page and display the image. If, after entering the image text, you do not see a "Submit" buttom it the TAB key, this should move the display down to a point where you can see it.Chrome
  2. In Internet Explorer, when the page intitally loads look for a warning, "Only secure content is displayed" as shown below, and click on the "Show all Content" button. This should reload the page with the image displayed
  3. If you are using Firefox and the image is not displayed the troubleshooting can be a bit complex, please try antoher browser (such as Internet Explorer or Chrome).
  4. If none of these solves your issue, please contact Eric Larson to help resolve your issue.