Using Pivot to Find Funding

About Pivot

Pivot is a comprehensive database of funding information that includes funding opportunities from all disciplines including arts, humanities, health and medicine, social sciences, and sciences. Users can conduct searches for funding opportunities, and University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students can create accounts to save searches and receive funding alerts. Join one of our Finding Funding workshops if you have not claimed your Pivot account.

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How to Use Pivot

Make the most out of this comprehensive database by using it to: 

  • Search for funding opportunities
  • Conduct advanced searches to find your exact funding needs
  • Track and save individual opportunities, as well as searches
  • Share listings with colleagues and potential researchers
  • Access curated lists for your specific research area 
  • Receive email updates and notifications about opportunities based on your saved searches, and more 

Pivot Tips & FAQs

Pivot-RP Essentials: Setting Up Your Account and Profile in Pivot-RP

Provided by Pivot-RP, this tutorial video explains how to create a new account in their database, and how to claim your profile. These are the first steps that need to be taken to use Pivot to find sponsored financial support available to researchers at Pitt. 

Pivot RP-Essentials: Updating Your Pivot-RP Profile 

This video explains how to update a Pivot-RP profile. Get increased funding matches targeted to you, get discovered as a potential collaborator, and get relevant funding alerts directly to a researcher's inbox. 

How do I search for funding?

Search for funding on Pivot by using the toolbar at the top of the Funding page. You can also conduct an Advanced Search for more specific queries. 

Pivot-RP Essentials: Basic Searching for Funding Opportunities in Pivot-RP

This video explains how to discover funding opportunities using the basic search system in Pivot-RP. Researchers can find opportunities by searching and by browsing through opportunities that have been reviewed and indexed by Pivot-RP editors.

What is the best way to conduct an Advanced Search?

There are many fields that you can use to match or exclude opportunities on Pivot: 

  • Users can filter funding opportunities based on: funder, applicant type, deadline, and more options.
  • Broaden or narrow your search results with modifiers such as "AND," "OR" and "NOT". Wildcard asterisks (*) and quotations for exact phrases may also be used. 
  • Take advantage of the Pivot Keyword function on the Advanced Search page.
Pivot-RP Essentials: Advanced Searching for Pivot-RP Funding Opportunities

This video explains how to use Advanced Search to find funding opportunities in Pivot-RP. Advanced search allows researchers to use a variety of pre-search filters to find funding opportunities that match their interests.

How do I save, track, and share opportunities? 

Here is a quick guide on navigating your Pivot search results. Searches can be saved easily at the top of your search results page. Individual postings can be tracked so you don't miss a deadline, and shared across users or groups. 

Pivot-RP Essentials: Navigating Pivot-RP Funding Search Results

This video demonstrates how funding search results in Pivot-RP can be filtered, tracked, tagged, shared, and more.

Pivot-RP Essentials: Conferences and Papers Invited

Outside of funding opportunities, Pivot is also a resource that can be used for attending conferences and submitting papers. This video explains how researchers can use Pivot-RP to search for current conferences and special journal issues where they can present their work.

Pivot-RP Essentials: Awarded Grants in Pivot-RP

New Pivot also contains an Awarded Grants feature to find grants and projects that were previously awarded. Searches by funder, recipient, or keyword can be conducted to help researchers apply for funding opportunities that match their research. 

Where can I ask more questions about Pivot? 

Contact the OSP Research Development team at ​Find Funding Workshops are also available to faculty that want to claim their Pivot account and learn more about the database with a member of the RD team.