External Funding

Comprehensive Funding Databases

Pivot is a hub of funding opportunities that can be accessed by any University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff, or student once their account is claimed. Learn more.      

Grants.gov is a site where all federal agencies can post discretionary funding opportunities, and grantees may find and apply for them.       

Sam.gov, also known as the System for Award Management, is a site used by the U.S. government to list contract jobs and opportunities. 

FundsNet is a free website to search for grants, foundation funding opportunities, and more. 

Federal Agency Funding Sources

For each federal funding agency, we've collected key resource links for Pitt faculty and researchers in order to further understand and navigate opportunities. This can be found on our About External Funders page. Learn more about funding sources on our About External Funders page. 

Broad Disciplinary Funding

Access funding opportunities for a variety of research and academic levels, depending on your disciplinary area. Learn more. 

Grant Proposal Writing Resources

The Research Development team has collected together helpful links from the University and beyond to assist faculty who are writing grant proposals. Access these resources for Proposal Development