Pitt Seed Projects

Pitt Seed Grants

Supported by the Office of the Chancellor, the Pitt Seed Projects program encourages faculty and staff to submit proposals for projects that support one or more of the six strategic goals in the Plan for Pitt and will play an instrumental role in transforming the University of Pittsburgh. Proposed projects can include a range of activities including research ideas, academic programs, process improvement, diversity, community and industry partnership development, outreach, methods of teaching and learning, workshops, lectures, and enhancing the student experience. Application information will be available by the end of the year.

Supporting the Plan for Pitt

Engagement across the University is a key part of Pitt's strategic plan. This annual opportunity to submit ideas through Pitt Seed Projects is a part of the effort to increase stakeholder participation, encouraging projects that support one or more of the three pillars and 14 strategic objectives that make up the Plan for Pitt

Seed Project Examples

Below is a list of prioritized areas of interest during this funding cycle: 

  • The student experience.
  • Alumni engagement. 
  • Employee satisfaction.
  • Graduate Programming.
  • Alumni success.
  • Teaching & learning excellence.
  • Unconventional learning trajectories, methods, and entry points.
  • Transdisciplinary & inclusive collaboration.
  • Sustainable processes, structures, and environments. 

View the list of current Pitt Seed projects.