Limited Submissions

Limited submission opportunities are funding and award programs that the sponsor has placed a limit on the number of applications that the University can submit. When this limitation is stipulated in program guidelines, an internal review and selection process is necessary to select the best-qualified candidate(s)/proposal(s) to represent the University.

The Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research is responsible for selecting and endorsing candidates to institutionally limited submission opportunities. InfoReady Review is the University of Pittsburgh's web site that lists current limited submission opportunities and details program timelines and required application materials. Faculty interested in learning more about limited submission opportunities are to visit InfoReady Review.


Programs that limit the number of applications per school or department will be managed at the correspondent level. Please contact the Research Development team with any questions:

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Research Development team maintains a dashboard for highly competitive limited submission and prestigious awards. To access this planning tool, please visit our Prestigious Awards for Pitt Faculty page