Limited Submission Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Limited Submission FAQs for Pitt Faculty

Locating Limited Submissions

1. What does it mean if a program is a limited submission? A: A limited submission is a when a sponsor limits the number of proposals that it will accept from an applicant institution. Thus, PittResearch will coordinate the selection of applicant(s) for the University of Pittsburgh through a competitive process.

2. How do I find out about new limited submission opportunities? A: PittResearch notifies the research community of limited submission funding opportunities in a biweekly email announcement. 

3. How can I tell if a program is a limited submission? A: You can identify a limited submission by:

3a. Reading the “eligibility” section of a program’s guidelines and

3b. Finding a yellow “limited submission” banner next to the program on Pivot.

4. How can I apply to be the internal nominee for a limited submission program? A: On InfoReady Review, a web-based platform where internal competitions for limited submission programs are hosted.

5. What is InfoReady Review? A: InfoReady Review is an online application portal which facilitates expedited and efficient management of submissions and any subsequent review processes. 

6. Where may I access InfoReady Review? A: InfoReady Review may be accessed through MyPitt or through OSP’s website.

7. What materials are needed to apply to an internal limited submission competition? A: Applicants are typically asked to review the program’s guidelines and to supply: 

7a. Brief project description responsive to key sponsor requirements;

7b. A sponsor-specific biosketch, resume or CV;

7c. Description of in-kind or financial resources that will be committed to a project, as necessary; and

7d. Draft letter(s) of support from a Department Chair, Research Dean or External Partner, when letters of support are required by the solicitation.

7e. In the event that this is a planned resubmission, any feedback from program managers and/or reviewers.

8. I was not selected as the internal nominee to a limited submission program. May I reapply in the future? A: Yes. We may also review ideas to be more responsive to guidelines to support your competitiveness. 

9. Who may I contact if I have found a limited submission not posted to InfoReady Review? A: Please contact and submit a Notice of Intent to this Competition Space posting. Required materials include: PI Name, Contact Information, Funding Agency, and Link to the Funding Opportunity Announcement. 

10. Who may I contact if I have technical difficulties using InfoReady Review? A: Please contact Bradley Pollock at You may also file a support ticket to Competition Space’s support team using the “Help” button in the upper-right hand corner of Competition Space’s home screen.

Review and Applicant Selection

11. Who will review the proposal I submit for internal consideration? A: The Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research will form an ad-hoc committee of University Research Council members to review applications. Limited submission review panels may also include associate deans for research (ADRs), institute directors representative of appropriate disciplines, previous awardees, and faculty identified by the ADRs or OSVCR. In cooperation with colleges/institutes, additional faculty may be recruited to serve on the panels. 

12. How will my application be judged? A: Your application will be judged by its responsiveness to the sponsor-defined key program objectives and review criteria; its scientific/scholarly strength; its relevance to the University of Pittsburgh’s research objectives; and its clarity in presentation.

13. How will I be notified if I am selected as the institutional nominee to a limited submission program? A: The selected applicant will receive an email and will be asked to confirm their intention to submit a proposal. Once confirmation is received, applicants who are not selected will receive an update through email.

14. Will I receive feedback on my proposal? A: Reviewer comments and notes are available upon request. Please contact

15. Are any administrative actions required after I am selected as the institutional nominee? A: Applicants selected still must complete all regular internal approval processes for such items as MyFunding entries, F&A waivers, cost share, etc. for a compliant submission to the sponsor.

16. I was selected as the institutional nominee but am no longer available to pursue the program. Who should I contact? Please contact

17. I am interested in serving as a reviewer to limited submission programs. What does this entail? A: Faculty members who are interested in reviewing applications to a limited submission program will be sent all applicant materials after the deadline to the internal competition has passed. Applications will be scored against the criteria listed in question #11.

18. I am interested in serving as a reviewer to limited submission programs. Who do I contact? A: Please contact

Timelines for Limited Submissions

19. When are limited submission items posted to InfoReady Review? A: Typically, limited submissions are posted weekly on Mondays.

20. When will I be notified if my application has or has not been selected to move forward as the institutional nominee? A: The aim is to communicate decisions within two weeks of the internal deadline.

21. I missed the internal deadline to apply for a limited submission competition. May I still apply? A: Please contact to inquire.