Honorific Awards for Pitt Faculty

Honorific Awards for Pitt Faculty

A collection of resources is available for Pitt faculty interested in prestigious awards. Learn more about the Honorifics Award Bootcampand Sign up to receive updates

Prestigious and honorific awards help boost recognition and advance the careers of Pitt faculty. Learn more through Pitt Research video sessions.

Have an honorific award to report? Record your accomplishments using the Self-Reporting Form

Access the guide below to use the Research Development team's Interactive Awards Dashboard

The interactive dashboard on this page is an overview of some of the most prestigious recurring funding mechanisms available to Pitt faculty and researchers. Some prestigious programs are limited submissions.

The data are compiled of programs designated as prestigious and highly prestigious by the National Research Council (NRC). This dashboard will soon be updated to included programs with undesignated award statuses, too. Association of American Universities (AAU) Member Indicator Awards, as well as opportunities identified by Top American Research University (TARU) are also included.

The programs listed in the dashboard are organized by announcement dates, and represent the typical program timelines and milestones (e.g. program announcement, internal limited submission deadline, sponsor deadline).

Each program timeline is interactive: a popup window appears when a cursor is placed over the line. The window includes high level information- keywords, sponsor information, and the names of awardees within the University of Pittsburgh. Direct links to the program’s guidelines may be accessed by clicking on the line and selecting “Go to website.”

Users may use the “Search by Keyword” engine to identify relevant honors and awards. If the keyword appears in the program’s title, sponsor name, or abstract, it will appear as a result. Users can filter the results based on their career stage by selecting the appropriate field from the “Career Stage and Applicant Type” menu. Similarly, results can be narrowed by choosing a desired sponsor group from the “Funder Type” menu. Awards made to University members may be filtered through the “Awards Made to Pitt Faculty” dropdown menu.


If you are considering applying to a prestigious program, please reach out to the Research Development team and to Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement (PAE) , so we may work to strategize on a competitive application.