MyFunding Quick Guides

Quick Guide Version
Full Combined Guide Aug '18
Logging In Dec '17
Creating a Funding Proposal - Proposal Description & Contacts Dec '17
Adding Additional Personnel Oct '17
General Proposal Information Oct '17
Research Department Determination Jan '18
Compliance Review Oct '17
Federal Grant Information Oct '17
Funding Opportunity Announcement Oct '17
Federal Grant Program Income Oct '17
Non-Grants.Gov Submission Information Jan '18
Submission Dates Oct '17
Budget Periods Oct '17
Research Performance Sites Oct '17
Keywords Oct '17
Additional Information Oct '17
Completion Instructions Oct '17
General Budgeting Oct '17
Modular Budgets Nov '18
Creating a Detailed Budget Feb '18
Excluding Graduate Student Fringe Benefits Mar '18
Creating and Routing a Subaccount Feb '18
Approving a Subaccount Jan '18
Subawards Jan '18
Create SF424 Oct '17
Routing Oct '17
Grants.Gov Research Plan Upload and PI Certification Jun '18
Non-Grants.Gov Proposal Attachments and PI Certification Jun '18
How to Complete the PI Certification (Faculty Requirements) Jun '18
Creating a PDF of a Grants.Gov Application Jan '18
Processing a Letter of Intent, Pre-Application, Pre-Proposal, or White Paper Jan '18
Copying a Funding Proposal Oct '17
Email Specialist and Proposal Team Jan '18
Updating an Application when submitted by Department Jul '18
Processing a Just-in-Time Request Jun '18
Generating a Subaccount Report Mar '18
System Requirements & Useful Information Dec '17
Granting Edit and Read Access Sep '18