Manage Awards & Agreements

The Conduct of Research

The conduct of research and the transfer of the resulting knowledge via publication and teaching are essential components to our University's mission.  As the conduct of research is often highly regulated, investigators have an obligation to comply with those regulations as well as to the scientific standards required by academic research.  Following execution of the relevant research agreements and in accordance with the University's Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities of Sponsored Research Investigators policy, investigators should:

  • conduct the research in accordance with the fully executed agreement
  • ensure continuing compliance approvals for the research project
  • submit reports as outlined in agreement
  • submit invention disclosure reports to University's Innovation Institute, as necessary
  • maintain academic and research integrity

Once initiated, research projects sometimes change direction based on preliminary data/results or due to other factors such as changes in personnel.  Under a contract, a formal amendment may be necessary for such a change.  The Financial and Non-Financial pages contain additional information about the most prevalent changes, the procedure to submit such a change to the Office of Sponsored Programs, and the documentation that may be required.