Faculty Transfers and Non-Financial Agreements

Faculty who are transferring to another institution should consider materials or data they want to move to the new institution. Some materials and data require, in addition to internal permissions, external approvals before materials and data can be transferred. The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) can assist with processing Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and Data Use Agreements (DUAs) for transfer of materials and data. For example, mice that were obtained through an external repository may need special approval before the mice can be transferred to another institution.

Faculty can help ensure a smooth transition by submitting their agreement request(s) to OSP early and noting that the request is related to a faculty transfer. Written authorization from the departing faculty member’s department is also needed as part of this process and can be submitted with the request to OSP.

Departing faculty should also consult the Checklist for Investigators Leaving the University for additional considerations as they transition out of the University.


Friday, September 2, 2022