The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for conducting all negotiations with sponsors to obtain mutually acceptable terms and conditions for all sponsored program agreements..
Federal Contracts Officers handle all negotiations for agreements related to federal contracts. These negotiations may require input and assistance from other central administrative offices, and while the Office of Sponsored Programs works diligently to resolve all negotiations in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee a timeframe for completion. 
Negotiations are tracked as SRA records in MyRA. The Office of Sponsored Programs will create SRA records as needed and provide the PI and department administrator access so they may track negotiation progress. 

Common Terms/Conditions Requiring Negotiation

  • Provisions that prohibit publication of the results of the project
  • Provisions that require the University to assign copyright ownership
  • Provisions that do not allow the University to own the data from the project
  • Indemnity provisions
  • Confidentiality provisions
  • Provisions that are not consistent with University policies or procedures, such as a requirement for the use of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) vs. good laboratory practices
  • Provisions that are inconsistent with government regulations
  • Nonstandard patent and/or licensing terms
  • Provisions related to Export Controls
  • Provisions that impose the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), Information Security (IT Security), or Privacy Act