Prepare Proposals

For some companies desiring to financially support academic research, a formal proposal process is the primary mechanism in which the scientists convey their projects to the company. Via on-line or hard copy submission, interested scientists outline the research project they intend to conduct using the company's funding.   The company can then select from the submitted proposals those that meet their scientific interests. As the requirements for such proposals vary across companies and even within companies, it is important to carefully read the company's guidelines to ensure submission via the correct process and inclusion of all required documentation.

NOTE:  Some companies include disclaimers in their proposal materials to indicate that submission materials will NOT be kept confidential by the company. Be alert to such disclaimers, particularly if you have filed a relevant invention disclosure with the University's Innovation Institute, and provide a less detailed scope of work in your proposal submission.

Procedure to Initiate Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Review

  1. Department Research Administrator or Principal Investigator (PI) completes and submits a Funding Proposal within MyFunding.
  2. OSP reviews proposal information in MyFunding, including corporate partner's guidelines, to identify any problematic areas.
  3. OSP uploads letter of institutional endorsement in MyFunding for inclusion in proposal submission to corporate partner.

Documents Required for Submission in MyFunding

  1. Draft research summary
  2. Sponsor deadline should be listed in MyFunding.  If the sponsor does not have a firm deadline, use the date "12/31/2999".
  3. Sponsor guidelines, if any
  4. Current Conflict of Interest (COI) annual filings using Faculty/Researcher form for all key personnel
  5. Waivers, if applicable (i.e., subaccount and F&A - as designated by your school, etc.)
  6. Complete list of all personnel (full legal names) working on the project
  7. Any additional forms requiring Institutional signature or completion by OSP
  8. If there are subcontracts to other institutions in our budget, we need the subrecipient's budget, scope of work, and letter of endorsement (e-mail okay) from an authorized official for that entity.