Team Assignments

The Clinical and Corporate Contract team is structured to facilitate expeditious processing by a linear process flow.  Our team includes:

  • Contracts coordinator, responsible for the intake processing of new submissions for this team, securing any missing internal documentation from submitting departments, and file creation.
  • Contracts officers, responsible for the review and negotiation of all received contracts for this team.
  • Senior contracts coordinators, responsible for securing all required signatures for these contracts,  distribution of the fully executed agreements to the submitting PI/department, and associated file maintenance.

The Clinical and Corporate Contract team, similar to the other two processing teams of the Office of Sponsored Programs, allocates new requests for contract review on a constituency basis. Each department is assigned to a contracts officer, who is responsible for the review and negotiation of all new contract requests received from that department. This approach allows each officer to become familiar with the departments he/she is responsible for and the specific types of research these departments conduct. Likewise, this distribution of assignments builds rapport between the faculty and departmental research administrators and our contract officers. Find the Clinical and Corporate Contracts officer assigned to your department.

In order for the Clinical and Corporate Contract team to initiate its review of a new contract, a formal request by the involved principal investigator (PI)/PI's department is needed. For non-financial agreements, an electronic submission is required in MyRA. For financial agreements, the submissions in MyRA and MyFunding capture information regarding the requesting department, the entity with whom we are establishing the contract, the specifics of the research project and any compliance aspects. As the information contained in the submission provides the context for our negotiation of the contract, complete and accurate information in the submission is essential to ensure that the finalized contract contains the language necessary to protect the PI's interests and those of our University.

Please note that the principal investigator listed on any submission submitted to the Clinical and Corporate Contract team must be an individual holding a faculty appointment with our University.