Prepare Proposals

The Grants Management Team is responsible for the review and submission of proposals to federal agencies and nonprofit organizations where, if awarded, the prime source of funding will be a grant or cooperative agreement.  The preparation of a well-organized, thoroughly reviewed proposal is critical to the successful submission of an application for funding.

Proposals should be routed to the Office of Sponsored Programs for review, endorsement, and submission using the PERIS™ module MyFunding

Please visit for Quick Guides and other information related to PERIS(TM) and the MyFunding solution.

Letters of Intent, pre-applications, pre-proposals and white papers may also be required to be reviewed and submitted through the Office of Sponsored Programs through MyFunding as explained on the Letters of Intent page.

Prior to the submission to the Office of Sponsored Programs, the following items must be completed for all investigators and key personnel.  If these documents are not completed, approval/submission of your proposal will be delayed.

Proposal Types

Proposal Guidance