Post-award Revisions

After a fully-executed contract is in place, a sponsor may request information prior to modifying the agreement. This usually occurs prior to the exercise of an option year, but can occur at any point in the life of a contract. When a sponsor requests information with the intention of using that information to modify the agreement, it is referred to as a post-award revision. 
As the central office responsible for negotiating sponsored program agreements, the Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for endorsing post-award revision submissions. Similar to the initial proposal process, the Office of Sponsored Programs must provide approval (typically in the form of a signed Endorsement Letter) prior to any post-award revision submission to the sponsor.
To initiate post-award revision review, please follow the Quick Guide for creating a Continuation Progress Report in the associated MyFunding award record. Within the Continuation request, please provide the following as attachments:
  • Technical proposal (if requested by sponsor);
  • Business proposal (revised budget – if requested by sponsor);
  • Any additional documents requested by sponsor.
After review, the Office of Sponsored Programs will provide approval and/or a signed Endorsement Letter to be included with the post-award revision submission to the sponsor.