Importing Mice or Rats to the University of Pittsburgh

The requirements for importing mice or rats are classified into three broad categories:

  • MTA/Purchasing Agreement
  • DLAR Animal Housing and Import
  • IACUC Protocol Approval

Because there are regulatory and quarantine issues that may apply, the time it takes to accomplish the requirements within each of these categories can take a substantial amount of time.  By working on these issues concurrently, you can shorten your overall time to complete all of the steps.

  • The Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) process typically can be completed before you secure IACUC approval.
  • You cannot import the animals until all compliance approvals are in place.
  • You need to ensure that you have secured appropriate housing for the animals.

Non-Commercial Provider: If you are acquiring animals that were developed by another nonprofit entity, government, or commercial entity that are not sold commercially, obtain the Provider's form of MTA or agreement and then visit to initiate the MTA process


Commercial Provider: If you are purchasing mice or rats from Jackson (JAX), Taconic, or Charles River, no MTA separate from the purchasing agreement is required. Typically, no separate MTA is needed. Contact DLAR animal order to make the purchase.

* Contact early in this process the DLAR Import/Export Coordinator ( or 412-383-8617) to discuss your project and future animal housing needs.

* The DLAR import procedures and form can be accessed on the DLAR website. This information can only be accessed by users who have an HS Connect Account.

IACUC Protocol Approval: Submit an animal use protocol application or modification for review and approval through Animal Research Online (ARO)

Compliance Requirements for IACUC Approval:



Obtain an HS Connect Account for access to training modules 

* Complete necessary research training modules: Animal-Based Research Modules List

Conflict of Interest Training 

Isotope Research Safety Training  (if applicable) 

Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Education (if applicable) 

Recombinant DNA training (if applicable)