Federal Contract Account Activation

Once the MyFunding Award record (or Modification of that record) is approved by the Dean’s area and the Office of Sponsored Programs has obtained a fully-executed award (or Modification), the Office of Sponsored Programs will activate the MyFunding Award record and e-mail Sponsored Projects Accounting to create an account. Once SPA creates an account, expenses can be charged to that project in accordance with the sponsor's requirements and allowable costs. The Office of Sponsored Programs receives awards via various mediums, including electronic and original hardcopy awards/agreements. 
Prior to account activation, OSP may require:
  • CSSD determination, if OSP requested the PI submits a Help Desk Ticket for CSSD review
  • COI approval, if potential conflicts are identified
  • Completion of COI disclosures and training modules
  • Current IRB, IACUC, etc. approvals, if necessary

Will the Office of Sponsored Programs authorize an Advanced Account for a Federal Contract?

No. Federal grants include standard terms and conditions that allow for early start dates and retroactive charging, i.e., 90 day pre‐award costs. However, projects funded by federal contracts typically do not include such terms. The Office of Sponsored Programs strongly recommends that no work begin prior to having a fully-executed, mutually-negotiated agreement. This includes work being done on departmental funds with the intention of moving costs after execution to the account number created for the contract.
Without a fully-executed agreement, the University assumes all risk for work performed prior to signature. If the University fails to come to terms with a sponsor regarding contract language, the University may be solely responsible for the costs of that work. 
Additionally, starting work on a project is often considered to be a full acceptance of the terms and conditions of a contract.  Because federal contracts often contain terms and conditions that are not acceptable to the University, an overall acceptance of the terms and conditions of the agreement without negotiation can leave the investigator, the department, and the University vulnerable to serious risks, financial and otherwise.