Business Proposal

An initial proposal typically includes a technical proposal and a business proposal. A business proposal usually consists of a budget and supporting documentation. Many solicitations call for the budget to be submitted on sponsor-specific forms, so it is important to read the solicitation thoroughly to determine the sponsor requirements.
Here are some important factors to consider when preparing a business proposal in response to a solicitation that could result in a federal contract:  
  • The business proposal must be --
    • as detailed as possible, and
    • in the format required by the solicitation or other sponsor guidelines.
  • Indirect costs must be in accordance with the University of Pittsburgh’s federally-negotiated rate agreement.
  • For proposals with total costs for the entire project over the threshold defined in FAR 15.403-4, the Government Contracting Officer may require a Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data.
    • When required, University must certify that the provided cost or pricing data is accurate, complete, and current as of the date provided.
    • This certificate must be signed by an institutional signatory in the Office of Sponsored Programs.
    • Failure to provide correct cost data may result in --
      • Reduction of final award, and/or
      • Other penalties per FAR 15.407-1.
  • Certain IT security requirements may involve significant additional costs. The PI and department admin are advised to confer with Pitt Information Technology (Pitt IT) when a solicitation references Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) or other IT security requirements.
  • Per federal regulations, all faculty members listed as the Principal Investigator on a sponsored project must contribute some level of effort to that project to provide necessary supervision/administration. This must be shown or documented in the related budget or project materials.