Initial Proposal

The following documentation must be included in every MyFunding proposal record that may result in funding from a federal contract or Other Transaction Agreement:

  • Government solicitation (RFP, BAA, etc.) always – even if Pitt is submitting a proposal as a subcontractor
  • If Pitt is submitting a proposal as a subcontractor – please also provide instructions from Pitt’s direct sponsor, even if those instructions are only in the form of an e-mail
  • Sponsor-required proposal documents
  • Sponsor-mandated cover/signature page, if applicable
  • Business proposal, including the detailed budget and budget justification that includes names of individuals as listed in MyDisclosures
  • Technical proposal, including Pitt’s scope of work (a draft technical proposal is acceptable, but OSP requires final Information Technology Security language, if applicable)
  • Subaccount approvals, if applicable (Guidance | MyFunding Quick Guide)
  • Indirect (F&A) cost waivers, if applicable
  • Principal Investigator (PI) certification (see MyFunding Quick Guide
  • Assurance that all investigators and key personnel have completed the following:
  • Signed letter of intent for any proposed Consultants
  • If Pitt’s proposal includes subawards to other institutions, the record must include the following for every subrecipient:

*Further requirements for FCOI: To confirm that the subrecipient is listed as compliant with the PHS Financial Conflict of Interest rules and regulations, visit the FDP FCOI Clearinghouse and click on List of compliance institutions and entities to locate the subrecipient. 

  • If the institution is listed: save the Institutional Certification of Compliance as a PDF and include the PDF as an attachment in the MyFunding FP record
  • If the institution is not listed: the subrecipient must complete the following FCOI forms, which must be included as attachments in the MyFunding FP record (both forms found on Forms & Waivers page): 
    • Subrecipient Proposal Certification
    • Subrecipient Proposal SFI Disclosure (if applicable)