Endorsement Letter

A key component and Office of Sponsored Programs (OR) requirement for a proposal, Letter of Intent, and Pre-Award Revision is the Endorsement Letter.   

The Endorsement Letter:

  • Provides official Institutional endorsement of the proposal, Letter of Intent, or Pre-Award Revision
  • Provides a listing of any and all exceptions the University takes to the proposed terms and conditions
  • Provides a general capabilities statement for the University
  • Provides a policy statement regarding the University’s Openness in Research Policy
  • Without it, the Government may award the Contract without further negotiations with the University
  • Must be included with ANY submission to the sponsor related to the proposed project
  • Is also sometimes called an Exceptions Letter or Subcontract Statement of Intent
  • May not be applicable and an email approval from OR may be given instead if the action is a Pre-Award Revision during the Midstream Proposal stage.

Should I draft an endorsement letter from the University or will the Office of Sponsored Programs do that for me?

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OR) will draft an Endorsement Letter on OR letterhead to accompany your proposal, Letter of Intent, or Pre-Award Revision.  It is not a problem for the Principal Investigator to draft a secondary letter in support of the proposal or to request that OR include additional information in the OR drafted Endorsement Letter.  In the case where we are submitting as a Subcontractor through the Letter of Intent process, the Endorsement Letter content will be added to the draft letter sent to OR by the department or attached separately. (Note: OR will only sign an Endorsement Letter on OR letterhead.  Non-OR letterhead letters can be referenced in the OR Endorsement Letter.)