Internal Submission Deadlines

Complete and final proposals must include all of the documents required for submission (as listed in the Prepare Proposals section), as well as the electronic application, if applicable, and any other attachments or approvals required by the sponsor or the University.

For Federal Contract proposal submissions, a Draft technical proposal (with final Information Technology Security language, if applicable) is required for the submission to be considered complete. (Note: A Statement of Work (SOW) may be sufficient in some cases.) These must be received by the Office of Sponsored Programs at least five (5) full business days prior to the sponsor's due date.

The sponsor's due date is defined as the date and time after which the sponsor will no longer accept proposals. In the case where the University of Pittsburgh is a subcontractor on a proposal, the sponsor's due date will be determined by the submitting organization.

Please be advised that your school/department may impose additional deadlines and requirements, so please be sure to confirm those deadlines internally. 

If a proposal is not received by the Office of Sponsored Programs before the FIVE DAY internal deadline, no guarantee can be provided that the proposal will be approved or submitted on time.