Gifts that Support Projects

In accordance with University Policy AO 46, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) works together with Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement (PAE) Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) to process gifts that support projects. 

Gift Supported Project Characteristics

A Project may be funded from private sources of a broad range of types, but if it primarily meets the following characteristics, it is considered a Gift Supported Project: 

  1. The contribution can support research if the intentions are charitable, but the Donor may not – 
    1. derive potential commercial or private benefits from research; 
    2. have rights to any resulting intellectual property; 
    3. have right of first refusal to any research outcomes; or
    4. otherwise receive a Deliverable. 
  2. The agreement documenting the contribution may be binding or non-binding, depending on the purpose.
  3. The Gift, once made, must be irrevocable for all Donors except private foundations, who are allowed to include provisions in their agreements for the return of unspent funds.
  4. The agreement with a private foundation that documents a charitable contribution may use the term grant or gift.
  5. Periodic progress reports and financial reports related to the Project are allowable.

Refer to the detailed Workflow and corresponding Workflow Matrix for guidance on processing Gifts That Support Projects.

For specific questions related to the Gifts that Support Projects Procedure, see the related FAQs

For additional questions, contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations at: or the Office of Sponsored Programs at: