New Proposals

The following documentation must accompany all new proposal submissions:

  • Sponsor-required proposal documents
  • Sponsor-mandated cover/signature page, if applicable
  • Detailed or Modular budget and budget justification that includes names of individuals as listed in HSConnect
  • Scope of Work
  • Sponsor guidelines (i.e., RFP, RFA, FOA)
  • Subaccount approvals, if applicable (Guidance MyFunding Quick Guide)
  • Indirect (F&A) cost waivers, if applicable
  • Principal Investigator (PI) certification (MyFunding Quick Guide). If the submission is a Multi-PD/PI submission, PI certification is required for each institutional PI.
  • If Pitt is the proposed subaward on the proposal (i.e., if the proposal is funded, it would result in an incoming subaward to the University), a Consortium Statement of Intent with Pitt listed as the Subrecipient
  • If there are subawards to other institutions as part of the overall proposal, the subrecipient will need to provide the following:

To confirm that the subrecipient is listed as compliant with the PHS Financial Conflict of Interest rules and regulations, visit the site and click on List of Compliant Institutions and Entities to locate the subrecipient.  Please save the Institutional Certification of Compliance and submit with your proposal submission as a PDF attachment.

If an institution is not listed, please have the FCOI form (pg. 1pg. 2) completed as part of the proposal submission.