Subaccount Approvals

A proposal that includes faculty/staff outside of the managing department (Master) may not be submitted without a Subaccount budget approval that includes information from the collaborating department (Sub) in regards to the effort and budget required to meet the goals of the project.  Subaccount approvals confirm that the Sub is aware of the project and agrees to participate should the proposal be funded.

Budget Guidance

Most grants are not funded at the full level requested at the time of proposal.  It is understood that the costs included in the Subaccount are an estimate and that the final costs will be determined by negotiation between the Master and Sub based on the final awarded budget of the project. 

For example, the departments may agree to adjust the budget through:

  • Cost Sharing
  • Reduction of effort/change in project scope – with the agreement of the Principal Investigator and, when required, Sponsor approval

For information on how to submit Subaccounts to our office see the the quick guides available at