Initial Proposal

As can be seen in the Federal Contract Process Diagram, there are various stages to a Federal Contract.  The process starts at the Initial Proposal stage after finding a funding opportunity.  

What does the University of Pittsburgh need to submit to the Sponsor for an Initial Proposal?

  • Follow the instructions listed in the Request for Proposal (RFP) (aka Solicitation, Guidelines, etc.), sometimes found here, in order to review the specifics for each proposal
  • Usually the solicitation will require that the proposal package contains two parts (with several additional forms):
    • Business Proposal (i.e., detailed budget, etc.)
    • Technical Proposal (i.e., science) (NOTE: technical proposal can be in draft form, except final Information Technology Security language, if applicable)
  • You do not need to use traditional “grant forms” (e.g., SF424) unless required to do so by the RFP
    • Generally – no or NSF Fastlane submissions (except when submitting proposals that can be awarded as either a grant, cooperative agreement, or Federal Contract)
  • Submissions are usually accepted via e-mail, but may sometimes be required to be submitted in hard copy.  Should this be the case, please indicate this to the Federal Contract Services team as signed paperwork is returned via email to the department unless requested otherwise