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MyFunding Tips of the Week Date
Importance of timely processing an award 8/16/2019
How are outgoing Subawards handled in MyFunding, and where have my subaccount Subawards gone? 6/7/2019
What should I do if I started to draft my federal Funding Proposal before the IP Assignment question changed in MyFunding? 8/6/2018
What does the Office of Sponsored Programs mean by an internal proposal deadline for MyFunding? 5/18/2018
Do I Need to Complete an Internal Detailed Budget in MyFunding when Using a Modular Budget in My NIH Grant Application? 2/20/2018
How Do I Incorporate Graduate Student Fringe Benefits in MyFunding? 2/16/2018
Submitting Pre-Proposal Information in MyFunding 2/2/2018
Remember to Update Your Proposal Submission Status in MyFunding 1/19/2018
Why Isn't the Annual Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Date Showing Up in the PERIS™ module, MyFunding 1/5/2018
Uniform Guidance Readiness Guide 1/15/2021
What is a CRADA? 11/13/2020
What is an Assistance Listing Number? 11/6/2020
What is a cooperative agreement, and how is it different from a grant? 10/30/2020
National Science Foundation FAQs on Current and Pending Support 10/16/2020
Do you need to extend a Data Use or Material Transfer Agreement? 10/9/2020
How do incoming faculty complete a COI disclosure before their start date? 9/11/2020
Changes to Department Research Administration Contacts 8/14/2020
Including a Scope of Work when Pitt is Proposing to be a Subrecipient 8/7/2020
If my proposal has a direct and a prime sponsor, which due date should I enter in MyFunding? 7/24/2020
Completing your COI Annual Disclosure by July 15 7/10/2020
Did you know there are two steps to submitting an NIH RPPR? 6/26/2020
What is the difference between a direct sponsor and prime sponsor? 6/19/2020
Submitting Federal Contract Documents to Sponsors through OSP 6/12/2020
NIH eRA Commons Document Requirements 5/29/2020
Reminder: Submitting Proposals through OSP 5/1/2020
NSF Releases FAQs for Current and Pending Support 3/6/2020
Receiving Prior Approval before Requesting Federal Contract Subawards 2/28/2020
NIH Releases Guidance for FY20 Salary Cap 2/7/2020
Am I eligible to apply for a funding opportunity that I have an interest in? 1/17/2020
NIH Decision Tool for Human Subjects Research 1/10/2020
MyFunding as File of Record 11/15/2019
What should I enter in "Application submission deadline" in MyFunding if the sponsor's deadline is open-ended? 11/8/2019
What is an SRA type in MyRA? 11/1/2019
What is the difference between Modified Total Direct Costs and Total Direct Costs? 10/25/2019
How should grant transfers be categorized in MyFunding? 10/18/2019
Why do I need an ORCID iD, and how do I get one? 10/4/2019
I am submitting an NIH R35 proposal. How do I obtain a Letter of Support from the AOR? 9/6/2019
NIH Disclosure Examples 8/9/2019
When can I issue an outgoing Subaward agreement or amendment? 8/2/2019
Referencing PERIS™ Records in Contraxx 7/12/2015
Keep NIH Filenames Short 7/5/2019
Do I need a Statement of Intent for each outgoing subaward listed in my proposal? 6/14/2019
When should I include osp@pitt.edu as a recipient on emails? 4/26/2019
NIH Releases Guidance for FY19 Salary Cap 4/19/2019
Using MyFunding instead of ORIntake@pitt.edu 4/12/2019
Completing your COI Annual Disclosure by April 15 4/5/2019
Why is my outgoing subaward no longer visible on my Contraxx dashboard? 3/1/2019
What is the Council on Governmental Relations? 2/22/2019
What is a CRADA? 2/8/2019
Where can I find data on NIH funded projects and award information? 12/14/2018
How do I know if I need prior approval from a sponsor? 11/16/2018
Does the Office of Sponsored Programs process non-research related proposals and awards too? 11/9/2018
What is the difference between a WARNING and an ERROR in my NIH submission? 10/19/2018
Ban on Kaspersky Lab Software in Federal Projects 10/12/2018
What should I do if I need to have something signed in the Office of Sponsored Programs? 10/5/2018
What should I include in my MyRA submission to the Office of Sponsored Programs for dbGaP requests? (Part 2 of 2) 9/4/2018
I need access to dbGaP data for my research. How do I request it? (Part 1 of 2) 8/31/2018
Did you know the University of Pittsburgh subscribes to the iThenticate plagiarism-detection system? 8/24/2018
What is the FDP FCOI Clearinghouse, and how do I use it? 7/27/2018
Should I submit my NIH supplement proposal through eRA Commons or MyFunding’s System-to-System feature? 7/20/2018
What Are the Different Types of Office of Sponsored Programs Communications 6/29/2018
New Financial Officer for the University 6/22/2018
The Importance of Submitting Progress Reports and Financial Reports in Time 6/8/2018
I want to ship materials to an outside entity. Do I need an MTA? 5/25/2018
Who do I contact at the NIH for questions about my proposal or award? 4/20/2018
What information should I include when emailing ORintake@pitt.edu? 4/13/2018
Completing your COI Annual Disclosure by April 16 4/6/2018
How are future funding option periods handled in federal contracts? 3/23/2018
Cost-Reimbursable and Fixed-Price Subawards 3/8/2018
How Does the NIH Define a Clinical Trial? 2/9/2018
Subscribing to Funding Opportunity Announcements on Grants.gov 11/22/2017
MyRA Self-Registrations 11/3/2017
Using an External Institution's IRB as the "IRB of Record" 10/27/2017
Consulting the Office of Sponsored Programs for Services Agreements Issued under Federal Contracts 10/20/2017
What can (and cannot) be included as NIH Appendix materials? 9/8/2017
Checklist for Investigators Leaving the University 9/1/2017
The Importance of Submitting Progress Reports and Final Reports on Time 8/11/2017
How do I know if my award is a Federal Contract and not a Federal Grant? 7/14/2017
What should I enter in "Sponsor Deadline Date" in Form 0136 if the sponsor's deadline is open-ended? 6/30/2017
What does the Office of Sponsored Programs review when negotiating an award with a sponsor? 6/23/2017
New email - ORintake@pitt.edu is created to electronically accept internal forms for Grants Management Team 6/9/2017
Where can I find language to include in my progress report regarding Career Development Plans for Trainees? 6/2/2017
Genetically Modified Animal Requests 5/12/2017
The sponsor is letting me submit my proposal directly.  Does it still need to be reviewed by the Office of Sponsored Programs? 4/14/2017

Completing your COI Annual Disclosure by April 2015

Depositing Materials into an External Repository 3/31/2017
Who is My Office of Sponsored Programs Contact? 3/17/2017
Determining Gifts vs. Grants 3/9/2017
Terminating an Outgoing Subaward Agreement Early 2/24/2017
When do I need to route pre-proposal materials through the Office of Sponsored Programs? 2/17/2017
How to get the most out of Pivot 2/10/2017
New Procedures for Updated COI and RCR Training Requirements 2/3/2017
Monitoring Project Spending 1/27/2017
What is a CFDA Number? 1/13/2017
During a No-Cost Extension, Is There a Minimum Effort Requirement for Key Personnel Named in the Notice of Award, Other than the PI? 12/9/2016
Importance of Scope of Work in Third Party Agreements 11/23/2016
HRI Research Administration Listserv 10/28/2016
Do I need to register in grants.gov? 10/21/2016
Updated language in the NIH Tetramer Core Facility non-negotiable MTA 10/6/2016
How the Innovation Institution can help commercialize an invention 9/16/2016
Information - NIH Rigor and Reproducibility and Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources 9/11/2016
Check Out the Office of Sponsored Programs Website 9/2/2016
Who can serve as Principal Investigator on a grant proposal? 8/29/2016
Ordering Material from KOMP (the Knockout Mouse Project) Repository 8/19/2016
Assistance with Securing Health Sciences Gifts from Private Foundations 8/12/2016
New Animal Welfare Assurance Number 8/5/2016
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Review 7/29/2016
NIH's Review of Grants versus R&D Contracts 7/15/2016
Have you visited the Global Operations Support website? 6/24/2016
Differences between Organizational Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Interest 6/17/2016
Organizational Conflict of Interest ("OCI") 6/10/2016
Transferring materials Purchased from a Repository 5/27/2016
Presentation of Effort in Hours 5/20/2016
Differences in Research Priorities between University and Industry 5/13/2016
MyRA Roles, Rights, and Communications 4/25/2016
Funding Opportunity Announcements 4/15/2016
PI Review of Final Draft Contracts in MyRA 4/1/2016
Who is required to have an NIH Commons Account? 3/25/2016
Ins and Outs of InfoEd 3/18/2016
Competition Space 3/10/2016
Communications from the Office of Sponsored Programs 2/19/2016
Rigor and Transparency in NIH & AHRQ Grant Applications 2/16/2016
Forwarding Internal Office of Sponsored Programs Emails to External Individuals/Entities 2/12/2016
ATCC Ordering Requirement Revision 1/29/2016
Do you know how to register for an NIH Commons or NSF FastLane account? 1/22/2016
What to do when a colleague at another institution wants to provide you with data/materials and indicates that a contact is not needed 1/8/2016
Who in the Office of Sponsored Programs is working on my MyRA agreement? 12/18/2015
Input on Patents, Copyright, Conflict of Interest, and Industrial Relations 12/11/2015
Procuring Human Cadaveric Tissue 12/4/2015
Contracts for Trainee Projects 11/20/2015
Working Without a Contract in Place 11/16/2015
Using Pivot to search for Funding Opportunities 11/6/2015
Automated Proposal Submission Notices 10/29/15
Providing the Office of Sponsored Programs an Editable Agreement/Contract 10/29/15
Submitting Multiple, Simultaneous Non-financial Agreements 10/23/15
MyRA Submission Help 10/16/15
Importing Mice or Rats 10/2/2015
NIH top 10 reasons a proposal is not funded 9/25/2015
Database for Federal Contracts 9/17/2015
Extensions and Amendments in MyRA 9/11/2015
What the Office of Sponsored Programs needs with respect to an IRB approval 9/4/2015
CITI Modules 8/27/2015
Changing Information on Internal Documents 8/17/2015
Corporate Funded Research Projects 8/7/2015
Glossary and Contacting Federal Agencies 7/31/2015
Departing Faculty and NSF Compliance Checks 7/22/2015
Just-In-Time Submissions 7/10/2015
Pending Nonfinancial Agreements 6/26/2015
Electronic Grant Submissions 6/19/2015
Addgene Orders 6/12/2015
Navigating the Office of Sponsored Programs Forms Page 6/5/2015
Certificates of Confidentiality 5/29/2015
Viewing InfoEd Proposals, Awards, and Statuses 5/15/2015
Are you confused by the terms “Prime Funding Source” or “Prime Sponsor” when used in reference to sponsored research? 4/27/2015
The Use of Department Approval Memos by the Clinical and Corporate Contracts Team 4/17/2015
Color coding of teams on the Office of Sponsored Programs website 4/8/2015
The Use of Department Approval Memos by the Federal Contract Services Team 4/3/2015
The Use of Department Approval Memos by the Grants Management Team 3/27/2015
When to use and not to use the Grants Management Document Submission Form 3/20/2015
Transferring materials that you purchased from a repository to another institution, company, or Pitt PI 2/20/2015
Grant Application Review (GAR) 2/13/2015
Did you know the University of Pittsburgh subscribes to the iThenticate plagiarism-detection system? 1/30/2015
What is the Office of Sponsored Programs Tip of the Week? 1/23/2015
What are Fringe Benefits? 1/16/2015
Department of Defense (DOD) award information 1/9/2015
If a Federal funding announcement states that a proposal could be funded in the form of a grant, cooperative agreement, or contract – Who should I work with at the Office of Sponsored Programs and why? 12/19/2014
Did you know that the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research and Cost Accounting are separate central offices with different functions at the University of Pittsburgh? 12/12/2014
Authorized Institutional Signature 12/4/2014
What is the difference between a Federal Grant and a Federal Contract? 11/24/2014